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 Salzburg offers art, culture, historical and modern sights, thrilling events, living tradition, pleasure, relaxation and great food – and nearly all within walking distance. These are all part of the multitude of options open to holidaymakers in Salzburg that guarantee an unforgettable city break at this world cultural heritage site. The city of Salzburg is a stage for over 4000 cultural events every year and is home to around 20 baroque period churches. Salzburg was added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site list in 1997.


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Emergency: 112
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Salzburger Nachrichten


Most stores in Salzburg are open 08.00-18.00, but close for 1-2 hours during lunch. Saturday opening hours are usually 08.00-12.00, many are open on Sundays too.





Barockstadt Salzburg

The City

Salzburg was originally known as Juvavum, a trading stop on one of the Roman Empire’s most important routes. It declined during hard times after the Goths’ attack on Rome, and as the western part of the empire declined, so did Salzburg. All that remained was a small village.

In 696 AD the city was revived. Bishop Rupert was so fond of the area’s beauty that he re-named it Salzburg after the river Salzach, and made it an Episcopal See. His successors, the bishops Wolf Dietrich, Markus Sittikusand, and Paris Lodron, were instrumental in creating the Salzburg we know today, especially its majestic Baroque churches, palaces, and castles. Most of the cultural treasures, including the Altstadt (the Old Town) and the Hohensalzburg fortress, are in the western part of the city known as Salzachufer.

One of the world’s most outstanding geniuses, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was born here in 1756. His place of birth, Hagenauer Haus, still stands to this day.

After World War II, Salzburg became one of Austria’s most important commercial centres as well as one of its largest tourist destinations. One of the major reasons was the 1964 film, "Sound of Music."

The new Salzburg, with its banks, railway and bus stations, Mirabellplatz and many cheap hotels has sprung up on the right side of the river Rechtes Salzachufer.

Jedermann-Bühne am Domplatz


Mozart Week

Salzburg Easter Festival

Salzburg Whitsun Festival


Salzburg Festival

Take The A-Train

Salzburg Culture Days

Jazz & The City


Salzburg Advent Singing

Salzburg Christmas Markets

Do & See

The medieval and baroque area of the city is a world cultural heritage site and features a number of impressive and historical sights, as well as museums and family trip destinations.

Visitors can almost breathe the history of the town on the River Salzach while also catching plenty of glimpses of contemporary architecture and the modern world.

Fortress Hohensalzburg perches regally at the top of the 'Festungsberg' and is one of the largest fortified defence systems in Europe. Gazing down to the foot of the Mönchsberg visitors see the festival district and the large festival hall, Felsenreitschule riding school built into the mountainside, and the 'Haus für Mozart'. The Getreidegasse is a well-known attraction and is one of the most attractive and heavily frequented shopping streets in the world. A stone’s throw away there is Salzburg cathedral with its imposing dome and magnificent facade made of marble hewn from the Untersberg.

Wolfgangsee Ferries


Festung Hohensalzburg


Salzburg Card

Museum of Natural History

Salzburg Festival

Salzburg Cathedral

Mozarts Geburtshaus

Salzburg for Travellers

The city of Salzburg has the ideal holiday itinerary for every type of traveller - for families, gays and lesbians, lovers, culture seekers and short break enthusiasts.

Discover the very best of Salzburg in just 48 hours or on a laid-back family holiday. Lovers and romantics can visit the world’s most magnificent wedding hall – the marble hall at Schloss Mirabell palace.

Salzburg for 48 hours

Salzburg for 72 hours

Salzburg for Families

Salzburg for Gays

Weddings in Salzburg

Salzburg for Art & Culture

Salzburger Dom


Salzburg Card Package 48 hours

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Eating and drinking in Salzburg are pleasures of the highest order. The immense variety of options includes beer gardens, traditional coffee houses, award-winning restaurants, bars and cosy taverns.
There is an incredible range of restaurants and food outlets in the city, so connoisseurs, nibblers and night clubbers can all be sure of finding something to suit their tastes.

People eating out have some tough decisions to make in Salzburg. The county of Salzburg boasts a higher density of award-winning restaurants than any other Austrian province.
Salzburg is also a pioneer of the organic food revolution. Around 38% of the agricultural operations here are run by certified 'Bio' farmers. This enables the countless simple, down-to-earth restaurants and inns to serve Salzburg specialities that really do come from Salzburg.
Four very special breweries in the city of Salzburg offer delicious and hearty meals and snacks in a convivial atmosphere.
Visitors looking for a snack can look into one of the delicatessens in the heart of the old town, take a stroll around the Grünmarkt, or try the produce at the farmers’ markets held once a week on the Mirabellplatz and Papagenoplatz squares.

Augustiner Bräu

Stiftskeller St.Peter


Gasthof Schloss Aigen

Stiegl Brauwelt

Die Weisse


Café Restaurant TRIANGEL


Restaurant zum Eulenspiegel

Zum fidelen Affen




Like all other European cities, Salzburg has caught the cappuccino craze, but do not despair - there are alternatives. There are places that serve proper black coffee with apfelstrudel, that have a proper table to spread out your newspaper on, and where there are more people to look at besides lounging teenagers.

Café Tomaselli

Hotel Sacher

Café Glüxfall

Café Bazar

Café Classic


Carpe Diem

Café Fingerlos

Café-Konditorei Fürst


Café Wernbacher

Bars & Nightlife

Salzburg has a surprisingly large selection of bars. Just as with the restaurants, the best experience is at one of the traditional bars. In other words, head for Salzburg’s wonderful beer gardens, the Biergarten. Try Augustiner Bräu on Augustinergasse 4, whose beer is still brewed by monks, or the Stieglkeller at Festungsgasse 10, part of the Stiegl brewery, with postcard-perfect views. Here are a few other suggestions:

Seven Senses


Club Take Five

Shamrock Irish Pub

watzmann cultbar lounge garden


Shopping in Salzburg is an experience in itself. Visitors can choose from boutiques, fashionable flagship stores, shopping centres and traditional family-owned businesses.

Obviously, Salzburg offers the usual range of designer brands, street wear and traditional shops. However, for those looking for something a little out-of-the-ordinary there are also fashion accessories with typical alpine flair, as well as traditional 'tracht' styles and lederhosen - and don’t forget to round off the day with a bag or box of delicious chocolate-dipped marzipan Mozartkugels.

Salzburger Heimatwerk

Lederhaus Koffer Schliesselberger

Schirmhandel & -manufaktur Kirchtag


Sporer Likör- & Punschmanufaktur

Der Grünmarkt


Whether you are planning a vacation, a special weekend or a business meeting, rest assured, you will have a great time in Salzburg. The city offers a wide range of accommodation to suit all needs.

Hotel Altstadt

Arthotel Blaue Gans

Hotel Krone 1512

Hotel Sacher Salzburg

Sheraton Grand Salzburg Hotel

Star Inn Hotel Premium Salzburg Gablerbräu

Hotel Goldener Hirsch

Motel One Salzburg Süd

Motel One Salzburg Mirabell

JUFA Salzburg City

Tourist Information


Salzburg Airport W.A. Mozart is located seven kilometres (four miles) from the city. Buses depart for Salzburg’s main railway station, and connecting transport options, every 15 minutes.


Public transport

The city’s local transport network of buses and trains is managed by Salzburg AG. Buses run until 23.00, tickets can be purchased from train stations and from tobacconists.


Hailing taxis in Salzburg is easy, but they are expensive. They may not be needed, as most sights are within walking distance of each other. One of the largest taxi companies is called Funk Taxi.



Stamps are available from kiosks and tobacconists. The post offices are usually open Monday-Friday 08.00 - 12.00, and 14.00 - 18.00.


If you need urgent medical and dental care call: 141 (the national health line). The staff can give you free medical advice and direct you to the nearest hospital or help you get in contact with a doctor.


Pharmacies have alternating opening hours during nights and weekends. Addresses are posted at pharmacies. Opening hours: 08.00 - 12.30, 14.30 - 18.00, Saturday 08.00 - 12.00.


Country code: +43
Area code: 0662


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